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Lets Look at Recycling in SA and All over Australia

You might be surprised to learn how much recycling varies from state to state in Australia.

Some states do it better than others but all the states offer different ideas and methods to get their local community recycling and being environmentally friendly.

Here are some facts about recycling in the various Australian States.

Victoria Encourages You to Get It Right on Bin Night


Victoria promotes a ‘Get it Right On Bin Night’ initiative, which encourages you to make sure you’re putting your waste in the correct bin. Bins in Victoria vary depending on the local council. Some provide green waste bins, while others opt for hard rubbish days once a month. Many councils offer free recycling stations where you can rid yourself of recyclables that won’t fit in your recycling bin.


South Australia Pays You to Recycle


South Australia has got the ultimate motivation for being environmentally friendly – they’ll pay you for it! The South Australian Government has a container deposit legislation which means they’ll pay you for choosing to recycle your appropriate goods rather than throwing them into your regular waste and adding to the country’s landfill problem.


South Australia has also successfully eradicated plastic bags in their shops. If you want a bag for your groceries in SA, you’ll have to pay for an eco-friendly one or bring your own.


Queensland is Tech Savvy When It Comes to Recycling


Queensland offers an app that tells you what you can and can’t put in your rubbish bin and it even helps you remember your collection days so you won’t be tempted to put your recyclables in your general waste bin because you missed a fortnight! They also offer fun apps for children to download that are Brisbane specific and promote recycling. They have a drive-thru recycling station and tip shops where you can put your unwanted things to be sold, rather than placed into landfill.


 Western Australia Encourages Recycling as a Community


The Recycle Right Initiative in Western Australia is all about community initiatives to promote sustainability and recycling. Garage sale trails are highly recommended as a way to de-clutter. Green waste is collected at the verge so you don’t need to worry about finding a place to get rid of your lawnmower clippings or autumn leaves.


Northern Territory is on the Money


Like South Australia, the Northern Territory offers 10 cents on every appropriate container returned for recycling through the container deposit scheme. They’ve also banned plastic bags and all bags used at shops must be paper, biodegradable or reusable.


South Australia is one of the Best for Recycling


While all these systems work in their own ways, South Australia is undoubtedly one of the best for recycling. At Adelaide Mini Bins, we use the best recycling methods when we dispose of rubbish for you. If you need to hire a great priced skip bin in Adelaide, you can’t go past our team.

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